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Schladerer - Kirschwasser (750ml)


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Producer Schladerer
Country Germany
Style Brandy
Size 750ml

Schladerer Description


What is the secret to a truly outstanding fruit brandy? Its authentic taste, its harmonious balance, its nuanced interplay of fine fruit aromas? To achieve this exceptional level of quality, a producer needs to have truly mastered the fine art of distilling, with all the craftsmanship and experience that this entails. And, needless to say, the quality of the ingredients plays a key role. Here at Schladerer, these are processed in the most environmentally compatible way – by means of sustainable production processes using primarily renewable energies. And one thing is guaranteed – our products are 100% natural.

Philipp Schladerer leads our traditional company into the future with a love of detail and the necessary vision to think outside the box. Always with him: the treasure trove of knowledge from 175 years of the art of distilling. Because heritage has a future, and both make up the Schladerer success story. With the characteristic fruit brandy square bottle and his innovative recipes, for example for gin and maraschino, company founder Alfred Schladerer was already far ahead of his time. This spirit of innovation, which has characterized our distillery for 175 years, is still present today in every unique spirit from Schladerer!

The almost 40 employees of the family business work with passion and experience every day to bring the perfect taste sensation into the glass. In addition, our regional and national friends also play a central role for us. Because as a family we stick together – for over 175 years!


The innovative spirit that has set our distillery apart for 175 years lives on today in every single one of our products. After all, heritage has a future and both of these are key elements in the Schladerer success story. With the formative square fruit brandy bottle and his recipes for gin and maraschino, company founder Alfred Schladerer was well ahead of his time. The famous Schladerer bottle was created in 1932 and went down in history as a standard for Black Forest fruit brandies and a symbol of incomparable moments of pleasure.

Spirit Notes: Cultivated in the foothill zone of the Black Forest at heights of 200-300m The Kirschwasser is distilled from sweet cherries from the foothills of the Black Forest. It has a fruit-forward cherry taste, paired with delicate almond nuances.

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