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Q. + What are the benefits of signing up for a KWCo. account?
A. Members can track their order history to remember wines they love, build wish lists for future purchase, save payment info for faster checkout, and receive exclusive insider deals based purchases.
Q. + Do you ship wine?
A. Yes! Our shipping policies are outlined {here}, you can give us a call or {email us}.
Q. + What is your return policy?
A. Within 30 days of purchase, you can absolutely return any bottle to us for a full credit or refund. Sadly, about 5 percent of all wines are defective due to various natural reasons. 
Q. + Do you sell organic wine?
A. Yes. Most of the wine we sell falls into these three categories: 

La lutte raisonnée: La lutte raisonnée means 'the reasoned fight'. Growers who practice this kind of viticulture claim to use chemicals less often and less aggressively than conventional growers.

Organic: The use of chemicals in organic farming is strictly controlled by law. 

The organic growers concentrate on developing healthy soil and a balanced ecosystem within the vineyard, unlike conventional growers who spray nutrients directly onto the vine. Organic growers typically exclude the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. All of the wines in our shop labeled organic are certified. However, there are a number of wines we carry that are not certified for one reason or another. We will let our customers know when this issue arises.

Biodynamic: Biodynamics is a form of organic agriculture based on the ideas of the Austrian philosopher, Rudolph Steiner. Biodynamic growers see their vineyard as a living system whose functioning is explained in terms of 'formative' forces. Biodynamic farming distinguishes itself from other forms of farming by using a complex system of herbal sprays and composting techniques; and accounting for the operations of the land by the movements of the spheres.

Q. + What does the Kingston Wine Co. logo mean?
A. The bottom portion of our mark represents roots. A huge part of the vine’s nourishment come from its roots: the more complex the root system, the healthier the grapes. Rootedness evolves continuously above ground — wine is an evolving expression of terroir, culture, and environment, and to represent that dynamic, we chose a triangle symbolizing change and a circle — the most natural form we know — to signify wholeness. This mark is enclosed in a shield to represent the traditions and heritage of the farmers whose wines we carry. On a secondary level, the shield may be perceived as a wine glass, the roots as mountain peaks: this is significant for a local wine shop centrally located in the Catskill region of the Hudson Valley.
Q. + Do You Offer Discount Codes ?
A. Yes, we offer discount codes under certain situations such as case disocunts and free shipping where terms apply. However, only one discount code can be applied at checkout. Stacking discount codes is not permitted. Spirits, Champagne, On-Sale Items and Currated Cases with a built in discount are unfortunately excluded from all discounts and promotion codes. 

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