Schplink - Grüner Veltliner 2022 (3L)


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Producer Schplink
Country Austria
Region Niederosterreich
Varietal Gruner Veltliner
Vintage 2022
Size 3L

Schplink Description

Only we would dare to try and put Austrian wine in a box and having the ability to guzzle top quality GV was worth it.

PRODUCER Weingut Norbert Bauer’s motto is “Tradition in progress - we are where the wine grows.” The winery has existed since 1721 and is currently owned by Norbert & Gisela Bauer. They are the 11th generation of the Bauer family to operate it and the lineage continues with their five children, two of which are already studying oenology. They are located in the picturesque Pulkautual area of the Weinvertel, near the river Pulkau. Nature remains one of the most important foundations of the family winery. All efforts are focused around the vineyards. The old wine cellar on the property is still used, and the knowledge of their ancestors is kept alive like a treasure. At that time their work was planned according to the various moon phases and the plants were like pointers on their clock, this is still treated as a family law. Together, Norbert, Gisela, and their five children have made viticulture a vital part of their lives. This keeps a very special atmosphere at the winery. A balance between old and young, everyday life and structure, alternate with surprise and stimulation and create a multifaceted togetherness. That spirit of history and innovation make them the perfect partners for Communal. Virtually no one has been bold enough to put wine in anything other than a bottle in Austria, until now. Our design is equally as bold as they are, and is inspired by the 80’s, an era where Apple computers were the boxes everyone was talking about and Kraftwerk’s Computer Love album debuted. So please, raise your glass and Schplink!!!!!

CONCEPTUAL DOPPELGANGER Oh to be a revolutionary. No need to pick up a weapon or shout from the tallest structure. One need only communicate the deepest truths of themselves at the volume they find most comfortable, hence ensuring the right harmonic frequency that produces the magnetism of brutal honesty. While we all go about our days, blithely lying and obfuscating to avoid revealing how we really feel, some bare their souls for the purpose of completion and healing. The process produces some uncomfortable moments which are the small price of glorious revelation. Kraftwerk created a genre of music that would presage so much of what we see as contemporary music. Their technical wizardy was always tempered by their irresistibly infectious loops of beats and melodys. Simply way ahead of their time, musically and stylistically. We should all be so inspired.

VITI VINI Organic practices in the vineyards, with a focus on soil cultivation, including the purposeful plantation of specific herbs for mineralization and erosion protection. The vineyards lay along an ancient coast line of the Aeolian Sea, which dried up and disappeared 300,000 years ago. This is a cool climate site that lays at the same longitude as Champagne, perfect for growing Grüner. The fruit was handpicked in mid-September and allowed to macerate for 12 hours to increase aromatics. The spontaneous fermentation lasted 22 days at a cool temperature in stainless steel tank. It remained on the fine lees until 12 hours before filling to keep the wine as young and fresh as possible. Lightly fined and filtered. 

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