San Fereolo - "Valdiba" Dogliani 2020 (750ml)


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Producer San Fereolo
Country Italy
Region Piedmont
Varietal Dolcetto
Vintage 2020
Size 750ml

San Fereolo Description

In San Fereolo, the work in the vineyard prevails. Cultivating the vine is a job that requires a profound moral com- mitment. There is no room for lies and every error brings with it consequences that you will inevitably have to face soon or later, so you must be full of care, love and honesty. It is also a job that makes you understand nature, how we depend on it and how much can we dare to guide it without being arrogant. Just a little experience and obser- vation is enough to understand that if you don't listen to nature and respect it, you are working against yourself and against what you are trying to achieve. Every plant, every vine is like an individual that expresses itself in a chorus, whether that be a hill, a denomination, or even the space in which the earth is positioned. Therefore, for a producer that feels the vines and the ground in a deep relationship with their surroundings, and sees life in its evolutionary potential, the biodynamic approach is inevitably the one that corresponds best. Thus wine is addressed not as a product to manipulate, but as something alive and engaged in a metamorphosis that should be understood, followed closely with attention and accompanied along the path to express the potential that is already present in the harvested grapes, exactly as the grape is a metamorphosis of a greater process. If wine is accepted as a process, without imposing a style of wine making, then it will create a style that is intrinsic to the process, springing from the unity of the ele- ments that form the process: life, earth, light, water, air, worlds infinitely great and infinitely small and finally also, in the end, the winemaker capable of listening to these things and serving them.

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