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Quinta Dos Pesos - Carcavelos 1996 (500ml)


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Producer Quinta Dos Pesos
Country Portugal
Region Lisbon
Varietal Arinto Galego Dourado
Vintage 1996
Size 500ml

Quite literally an artifact of Portuguese winemaking. Carcavelos is a small wine region just outside of Lisbon, disappearing to the expanding suburbs. This winery was one of the last to make the the area’s oxidative, fortified dessert wine that was once rather famous. Made by reserving some of the must unfermented by added brandy, then this is blended with the dry wine and allowed to age and oxidize for years.

Quinta Dos Pesos is no longer an operating winey, it has gone defunct but there are barrels of wine still left aging in the old facility. It is from selections of these barrels that this wine was bottled. Particular years showing interesting character were chosen for vintaged bottlings. 1996 has shockingly resilient degree of acidity, keeping the wine very fresh and combined with the oxidative nature that bring a strong umami component that makes the wine taste like ponzu sauce (citrus juice and soy sauce). Not to be missed by fans of unique and interesting aperitifs.

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