Ostinato - Marsala Fine Ambra Secco NV (500ml)


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Producer Ostinato
Country Italy
Region Sicily
Varietal Grillo Inzolia Catarratto
Size 500ml

Ostinato Description

Aged for more than two years in botti, without temperature control or topping up.  While fortified, the base wines were 'alto grado' (high grade), meaning they were harvested from later harvest, riper grapes.  At just 17% abv, the amount of fortifying spirit used was considerably less than is used by their more commercial peers (i.e., more wine and less fortifying spirit).  The result is a young marsala of high 'vinous character' and more complex flavors than is typical of the genre. 

Delicious, balanced and refined, Ostinato Fine Ambra Secco is a dry Marsala that is produced according to traditional methods now rarely seen in the appellation, especially in Fine expressions. It begins with its ‘alto grado’ base wine, from late-harvest, low-yielding Grillo, Inzolia and Catarratto old vines. Its higher natural ABV means the wine is less reliant on fortification and is more expressive of Marsala’s indelible terroir. Extended aging beyond the minimum Fine requirements produce a Marsala that resonates with deep vinous character. 

Enjoy with dry-cured meats and a wide variety of cheeses, including Robiola, Taleggio and all manner of Pecorino cheeses. It also excels in a variety of cocktail applications—a 1:1 with Hayman’s London Dry Gin and Fine Ambra Secco is highly recommended—as well in elevating classics like Veal or Chicken Marsala, Saltimbocca or sautéed mushrooms. Once opened, this wine will keep for up to six months.

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