Les Capriades - Pet-Sec 2022 (750ml)


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Producer Les Capriades
Country France
Region Loire Valley
Varietal Chardonnay
Vintage 2022
Size 750ml

Les Capriades Description

Pascal Potaire and Moses Gadouche of Les Capriades are known as "Les Rois du Pét-Nat" (the Kings of Pét-Nat) in France. Their expertise on the subject makes them a reference for winemakers who want to learn to raise and handle of cuvée of natural bubbly. While pét-nat started mostly as a way for winemakers to make bubbles without sending it off to a champagnisateur, Pascal and Moses have elevated it, and in fact, 95% of their total production is pét-nat. If you've ever tried one of the wines, you already know what we are talking about. If you haven't, consider this: every single maker in the Loire that makes a pétillant naturel makes it with Les Capriades in mind. There are no other pét-nats that will keep as long open (seriously, a bottle can stay open in your fridge with no cork for 2 days, and still have the same amount of bubbles), that will age as well, or that are more balanced, more refreshing. Made with all organic grapes from Touraine, no sulfur, no yeasting, no dosage, no nothing.

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