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La Villana - VDT Bianco 2022 (750ml)


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Producer La Villana
Country Italy
Region Lazio
Varietal Procanico Trebbiano Malvasia Roscetto Vermentino
Vintage 2022
Size 750ml

La Villana Description

"Before we even bought the property, I had already found a few hectares from retired farmers who didn’t want to see their land go abandoned. My husband Simone was helpful in finding these; it’s a small town and words travel fast. A lot of them actually reached out directly to propose the vines to me. The largest of these is about 75 ares. I now have six small, individual parcels, totaling 2.5 hectares. Some are very old and barely producing, others are really young and more vigorous. 

We also bought a farmhouse and all the land around it. We’ve recently planted about 1.4 hectares above the house, on a beautiful amphitheater about 600 meters elevation. We’re going to graft everything here with local white grapes: Procanico, Malvasia, Roscetto, Petino. All of these are almost extinct. Everything will be trained in albarello. There is also another hectare that will be planted in red grapes next year." [Joy Kull interviewed by Lousi/Dressner]

The name of the estate, La Villana, is a derogatory slang term shepherds use for farmers. Joy just so happened to have married a local shepherd, so the name is a playful riff on her home life. The joke extends to the wines' beautiful hand-drawn labels by children's book author/illustator Jamison Odone: each label represents a friendly sheep involved in a step of the winemaking process. The wines themselves follow this lighthearted approach, and are just as playful as the labels. - Louis/Dressner


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