Enlightenment - 'Beequette' Sparkling Mead 2022 (750ml)


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Producer Enlightenment
Country United States
Region New York
Varietal Honey Elderberry Lemon Peel
Vintage 2022
Size 750ml

Enlightenment Description

Join us in celebrating those last lazy days of summer with Enlightenment Wines own honey based piquette… the “Beequette!”

Our Beequette features a lower ABV (10.5%,) is spontaneously fermented from honey, elderberries and lemon peel, - aged for a year in oak and naturally bottle conditioned for the bubbles we all love.The Beequetteis a wonderful sparkling accompaniment to that stroll in the park, visit to the beach or whatever balm is required to salve the end of summer blues.

The label imagery is reproduced from the recently re-released public domain “Thought Forms, A Record of Clairvoyant Investigation.” Originally released in 1901 by spiritualist painters Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, the treatise is an expose of mind bending observations, focusing on the blurry relation between color, thoughts, emotion and dare we say taste – a true inspiration for the blending components that is at the heart of this beverage and event.

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