Claire et Florent Bejon - 'Pain Perdu' 2022 (750ml)


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Producer Claire et Florent Bejon
Country France
Region Loire Valley
Varietal Cabernet Franc
Vintage 2022
Size 750ml

Claire et Florent Bejon Description

“The hands on the label represent the idea that all you are getting is one grape from one terroir and the hands that interacted with it. That's it.”

Claire and Florent Bejon live in Saint-Germain-Sur-Vienne, a tiny village just 15 minutes from the town and vines of Chinon. Despite its proximity, Saint-Germain is on the left side of the Vienne and, up until 2016, was excluded from the Chinon appellation. Technically between Saumur and Chinon, the area is a bit of a no man’s land for vines: only 50 hectares are planted sporadically, usually in smaller, isolated parcels surrounded by sunflowers, cereal fields and newly built houses.

The Bejon have been low-key making wine in the area since 2002. Neither are from viticultural families but Claire has been a wine lover for a long time and Florent spent over 20 years working for one of the Loire’s premier mobile bottlers: a company that comes with the equipment to properly bottle wine directly at a producer’s estate. In fact, Florent’s worked with many of the vignerons we import and he and Claire know most on a first name basis.

In 2015, the couple decided to release a small amount of wine under their own name with the plan to grow slowly and eventually quit their full time jobs. This finally happened in 2021, with Claire and Florent tending five hectares of mostly Cabernet Franc with a bit of Chenin. The land being spread out and geologically distinct, it was decided early on that each parcel or sector would be vinified and bottled as its own cuvée.

Wine Notes: Pain-Perdu is their largest lieu-dit and the only one where they have neighbors. Located on the right bank of the Vienne,1.5 hectares of 40 year old Cabernet Franc vines are planted in the commune of Beaumont en Veron on yellow clay and aeolian sands. This entry-level wine, first released in 2020,  represents 50% of total production and is bottled the spring following harvest.

Winemaking: The grapes macerate whole-cluster, saturated with carbonic gas in 50hl tanks for long periods of infusion: three weeks to three months depending on the desired tannic structure. Elevage then occurs tank, old barrels and, as of 2020, grès amphoras. 

Each parcel ages roughly 50/50 in wood and grès but that may change with time and experience. This entry level wine is released the spring after it is harvested. 

No SO2 is added at any point. 



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