Caol Ila - 12 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)


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Producer Caol Ila
Country Scotland
Region Islay
Style Whiskey
Size 750ml

Caol Ila Description

Pronounced “Cull Eela”. It’s the Gaelic name for the Sound of Islay, which separates the island from Jura. For some, the distillery’s pronunciation is as remote as its location, sitting as it does on the rugged eastern coast, where it has remained hidden from view since 1846. However you say it, the fine, smoky whisky produced by generations of islanders is worth exploring.

The ultimate Islay malt, Caol Ila is considered by experts to be the perfect entry point into the world of peaty malt whiskies and a reference for connoisseurs of Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky the world over. Fresh, sweetly fruity and smooth-bodied, Caol Ila 12 year old is the colour of pale straw, with a delicate balance of tastes. - Diageo

"Caol Ila 12 is the definition of a daily drinkin’ Isaly. Enough subtleties and complexities to be interesting, but not brutal enough to wear out the palate. It’s a wonderfully tasty and aromatic dram that delivers crisp and clean across the senses with a strong peaty back bone and lighter fruity undertones. Lovely stuff indeed!" - The Whiskey Jug, full review here

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