Braulio - Alpino Amaro (1L)


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Producer Braulio
Country Italy
Style Amaro & Aperitif
Size 1L

Braulio Description

Braulio Amaro Alpino was invented in 1875 in Bormio, a small town nestled in the Italian Alps in the Valtellina Valley, by Dr. Francesco Peloni, a botanist with an abiding interest and expertise in medicinal and aromatic herbs. Francesco passed down the recipe to his son Attilio, who also authored the monograph in 1936 In Herbis Salus (Latin for Health in Herbs). Today, Egidio Tarantola Peloni maintains a historical archive dedicated to plants and herbs.

The complete list of herbs and proportions used is a closely guarded secret that requires local suppliers to sign non-disclosure agreements; however, it is known that Braulio includes botanicals such as peppermint, star anise and bitter orange, wormwood, juniper berries, and gentian root. The liqueur is aged for two years in oak barrels to produce a bittersweet, floral amaro.

Amaro Notes: The ingredients for the use of this unique Amaro are exclusively fresh herbs and spring water from the mountain region Valtellina. The herbs are dried at the fresh mountain air and then fermented with spring water and alcohol a month. 

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