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Kiku-Masamune - Junmai Taru Sake (720ml)


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Producer Kiku-Masamune
Country Japan
Region Hyogo
Type Taru
Size 720ml

A spicy, dry sake that gains flavor from being aged in Japanese cedar. A traditional wood used to make sake barrels, Japanese cedar casks would've been out the beverage was transported before modern packaging materials. It is still common in Japan to purchase a small cedar cask of sake for gatherings and celebrations, sort of like getting a keg of beer for a party. Pairs beautifully with fish, grilled chicken and vegetables as well as being drank alone.

Kiku-Masamune Description

"Authentically-brewed Dry Junmai Sake is sealed into New Casks of Yoshino Cedar, and is only broken open for bottling once the sake reaches Kiku-Masamune's standard of excellence. We invite you to experience the invigorating cedar aroma and soft yet bright flavors. A nod to the Edo Period of Japan, when sake first started being produced on an industrial level, and was stored and transported in large wooden barrels by ship. 

Established over 350 years ago, Kiku-Masamune takes their status as a representative brand of Authentic Dry Sake very seriously, and their mission is clear. As stated in their famous 1983 commercial, "As your eyes fall upon good food, you begin to crave Kiku-Masa. As the dryness of Kiku-Masa hits your tongue, you begin to crave good food". Their history is steeped in the image of Dry Sake one enjoys with a meal, and to that end Kiku-Masamune utilizes their multiple facilities across Japan to create the ideal sake that one will never tire of drinking." - Mutual Trading Co.

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