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Laura Bissel - Inconnu Wine Mar 25, 2023

Back in November we had the pleasure of meeting with Laura Brennan Bissell, the winemaker behind Inconnu Wines, when she came by the shop with a few of her wines for us to taste. Our meeting was brief but impressionable. Laura’s story was concise and honest, simple enough for my beginner wine brain to digest. I’d had the pleasure of tasting a few Inconnu wines before meeting Laura, and felt how special they were through their energy and nuances. After meeting Laura, it was like two puzzle pieces coming together. It was one of my first experiences feeling like I had truly met the heart and soul behind a wine labeI...

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2021 GG Lauer: What's a GG? Jan 20, 2023

Florian Lauer’s position in German wine is unquestionably established, but any time is a good time to add him to your personal roster of favorite winemakers. The tributary sub-region of the Mosel called the Saar, where Lauer calls home is known for producing riesling that seems nearly paradoxical at times. Wines that maybe reconcile rather than vacillate between strength and delicacy, baroque and austere. Many of the names on his cuvées are specific vineyards he fought to get re-recognized in 2014 after they were consolidated under one name in 1971. It’s an old story, but how many of us can say we’ve changed the law? All of this is to say Florian starts at a high bar, has a clear vision, and listens to what his wines are telling him...

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Welcome to the KWCo. Spotlight Series! Jan 15, 2023


Hello all, and welcome to the KWCo. producer spotlight blog series! A key objective that keeps us grounded as we grow is sustaining a space that: enables fascination, uplifts small producers, prioritizes sustainability, and nourishes and excites our community. The world of wine is abundant, and keeping these intentions close to us helps us navigate and place our eggs into fitting baskets. While we reflect on how we invest our time and energy, and consider what allures our interest and feeds our passions, these resolutions have inspired us to create something that is not attached to sales and that represents the essence of KWCo. - inspiration and connection. The aspiration of this project is to be a canvas in which to express the roots and fruits of our labor. This blog will allow us to share more than wine with our friends and supporters. It will empower us to relate over history and tradition, insight, innovation or whatever else lies restless in our intellectual appetite. Each bottle that lives on the shelves of our curated selection acts as a monument to celebrate the people, places, and stories behind their origin. Without the small producers that fill our shop, Kingston Wine Company would be a distant dream. We are excited to dig our roots deeper into the soil, and for you all to get to know our producers and interact with our wines on a more intimate level. Stay tuned for monthly posts spotlighting our favorite artisan winemakers, and more! 

-Sam Hewitt 


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Kingston Wine Co. Philosophy Jul 05, 2019

+ Our Philosophy

Agriculture | We support farmers who work hard to preserve and enrich their land for future generations.

Historic Normalcy | We aren’t anti-technology but we dig the methodical, connected and time-honored approaches our winemakers use in their production methods.

Context | We think it matters — a lot. The table, the season, the people, the land.

Collaboration | We support and collaborate with other doers in the community who work across many fields.

Beauty | The sharp glass of New York cider or funky whiff of a farmhouse red isn’t something we like to overlook. 

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